Telugu actress Sri Reddy has been furious and started semi-nude protests in front of the Andhra Film Chamber of Commerce today. Sri Reddy was involved in this type of struggle for not giving the opportunities to Telugu actresses in the Telugu films. There was a lot of trouble there. Telugu film actresses were asked some favours for getting chances in the industry.  Later the police forcefully pulled out Shri Reddy and took her to the police station.

Directors and Producers were accused of sexually harassing some telugu actresses. So the Telugu film actress Sri Reddy has started that protest today against such kind of acts.  But some of the members of MAA have shown their ignorance regarding protest of this actress outside the Chamber.  MAA president Shivaji Raja refused to comment on this issue and said he was unaware of the incident as he was busy in his film schedule.

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Actually, the actress has to pay her price to get a chance in Telugu cinema. Despite the talented actresses in Telugu cinema, there have been many irregularities in bringing actors from Mumbai, Delhi and Punjab. She also accused of the price one has to pay to get an opportunity as an actress.

sri reddy's protest

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Telugu filmmakers have denied this allegation. Recently, female actresses have also denied her allegations. The actress has been fighting against MAA for many days.

Telugu actress Sri Reddy has acted in Telugu films with leading heroes. In this case, it seems that she has not got any opportunities recently. Speaking to the public, she stated that some Telugu filmmakers and directors are cheating on the basis that they will be given an opportunity to act in films.

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She also said that she has the information of secretive videos of actors, directors and producers who cheated many women and she may reveal the same. This made a big shock in the Telugu film industry. But Telugu filmmakers have denied the allegations of Sri Reddy.

sri reddy2

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Due to these problems, she has to resort to such a king of protest, saying she had been cheated and she was going to fight for the cause of other Telugu actresses like her.