If war comes one have to fight for it but not to sing a poem ‘ says Nani. He is the hero of the movie ‘Krishna Arjuna Battle’. Merlapaka Gandhi is directing. Anupama Parameshwaran and Rukshar Dhillon as heroins. The film is being produced under the shine creations banner. Nani will be seen in two characters – Krishna and Arjun. The film’s trailer was released on Saturday night. The trailer is made of interesting scenes with playful dialogues. “Who is Krishna in this town? who tries to propose to every girl in the village? The promotional film started with a dialogue, ‘Do we get married?’ Then the girl replies with a cheppal.

This is the only way to show that Nani is ‘telling her that she is new to the village’. “If you do not want to sell it, the Telugu cinema heroine is laughing like a tailored heroine,” says Nani. Telugu Cinema Anna and Tollywood nna Both are the same!

In addition to Nani’s style comedy, the action sequences attracted the trailer. Krishna and Arjun are doing their best to show their love for the director. The trailer ended with a powerful dialogue called ‘This is not Action This is Double Action’. In the summer, the film is going to bring the audience forward.

The 2-minute 8-second release was released by Nani. Nani starring as village youth in the form of Krishna and also appears as rock star in the form of Arjun. This trailer has created huge expectations on the film. The movie will be released on April 12th. The story and screenplay in the film are mainly made by director Merlapaka Gandhi. He had good expectations from the beginning with Nani. Hip hop Tamil music is also good. Karthik Ghattamaneni cinematography is a bit of fun. Whether the teaser is funny, the trailer is power packed and improves good expectations.